Tamahagane Tsubame Mikarta Stainless Steel Santoku Knife, 7-Inch

Model Number: SNM-1114

The knife from the Tamahagane SNM series is 3 layers of steel....

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Tamahagane knives are manufactured by Kataoka and Company in Niigata, Japan. The word tamahagane means precious steel. Historically, the word tamahagane has been known as a particular steel, very pure and of high quality produced by traditional Japanese techniques. Today, Kataoka uses Tamahagane as the name of the brand for the exceptional knives that it makes with steels of similar quality produced with modern techniques. With its unsurpassed sharpness and edge retention, these knives are definitely made of precious steel.

We apply an authentic blade cut with a sharpening stone and a durable cutting edge for a long time.

63 layers of damask steel. The Damascus steel received this name because it was forged with swords, etc. in Damascus of Syria, using wood steel produced in India. The most important feature is the unique pattern that occurred when the molten steel melted in the crucible solidified, and only a few people knew the manufacturing method. In the era of the Crusaders, it was prized as a sword for its mysterious beauty and beauty. It is the current Damascus steel that reproduces this pattern.

Making these blades. By professional technicians, the base of the blade is sharpened with a rough grinding / polishing medium grinding with water to facilitate sharpening before the actual cutting.

It is hygienic because it completely seals the mouth and the handle.

Use mycarta wood which is very excellent in water resistance and corrosion resistance.

Sheet / 63 layers. Steel handle Damascus / Wood Mycarta


  • Tamahagane guarantees the strength of the blade, as well as long preservation of the initial sharpening.
  • The handle of a well-designed ergonomic shape is made of micarta, a modern polymeric material whose pattern resembles wood.
  • The knife is not just functional, it attracts the eye with its well-designed form, strength, harmony of the blade and handle.
  • The Santoku Knife 7-Inch from the Tamahagane SNM series is 3 layers of steel: the middle of the blade is made of hard, but fragile VG5 steel, which is supplemented with 2 layers of mild steel, making the blade very strong, hard, but at the same time retains its flexibility and does not lend itself to distortion and kinks.
  • The knife is fully balanced and very easy to use in any kitchen.
  • Made in Japan.

Dimensions(inch): 15 x 2 x 1
Wight: 1.00 lb
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