Tamahagane SAN Stainless Steel Laminated Wood Carving Fork, 6-Inch

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Tamahagane knives and fork are manufactured by Kataoka and Company in Niigata, Japan. The word tamahagane means precious steel. Historically, the word tamahagane has been known as a particular, very pure and high-quality steel produced using traditional Japanese techniques. Today, Kataoka uses Tamahagane as the brand name for the exceptional knives and fork  it makes from similar quality steels produced using modern techniques. With their unsurpassed sharpness and edge retention, these knives are definitely precious steel.

SN series

The SAN TSUBAME knives and fork are balanced with a stainless steel weight which attaches to the tang and is visible at the heel of the handle. Not only does this add to the beauty of the design, it also creates fantastic balance. The SAN TSUBAME pakkawood knives and fork  feature a handle that is made of a rich, dark laminated wood. The wood is a dark birch.

It is hygienic because it completely seals the mouth and the handle.

Use mycarta linen which is very excellent in water resistance and corrosion resistance.

Sheet / molybdenum ·

Vanadium steel / linen mycarta interruption handle


    • The Tamahagane 6-inch Carving Fork are manufactured by Kataoka and Company in Niigata, Japan.
    • The 3-ply stainless steel has an original thickness of 20 mm and is thinned by repeated rolling to a thickness of 2 mm. You might want to look at this rolling process as a modern forging technique. Also, this rolling process removes all the impurities in the steel leaving you with a very hard, very pure stainless steel.
    • Kataoka has achieved the perfect balance between sharpness and strength with the SAN TSUBAME.

    Dimensions(inch): 15 x 2 x 1
    Wight: 1.00 lb
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