Tamahagane Watersharpener 3-Pc set

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This sharpening device is safe and easy to use....

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Sharpening stones, also known as water stones, are used for the archiving of knives and other cutting instruments. Even the best kitchen knife will lose its initial sharpening with the passage of time. The sharpening tools and the right technique for the task of sharpening easy and fast sea. Sharpening stones have different grades, the grain of the stone. A fine grain corresponds to an affinity stone, it is a business work. In contrast, a coarse grain removes more material from the file. The larger the grain reference number, the finer the grain.

In addition to the kitchen knives, Tamahagane offers stones, sharpeners and blocks to protect the knives.

Tamahagane is a brand of high quality Japanese knives based in Niigata. The blade is manufactured by a traditional forging system combined with the most modern techniques. This process allows the elimination of impurities from the steel and the result is a stronger and more durable sheet. For more than 600 years, Japan has produced the famous "Katanas".

Tamahagane has taken advantage of this knowledge to create their kitchen knives. The characteristics of the steel are modified and improved to obtain a perfect balance and a duration of 61HRC. The manufacturing system by layers facilitates sharpening. The design of the leaf is a mixture of tradition and elegance. These knives are included in any kitchen and provide a timeless beauty.


  • Tamahagane Watersharpener 3-Pc set safe and easy to use.
  • In addition to kitchen knives, Tamahagane manufactures whetstones, sharpeners and knife blocks to sharpen and protect your knives.
  • Tamahagane has taken advantage of this knowledge to create its high quality kitchen knives.

Dimensions(inch): 15 x 2 x 1
Wight: 1.00 lb
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