Yamato Japanese Stainless Steel Santoku Knife, 7.2-in / 18.5-cm

Model Number: SY-4400

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Yamato makes loved ones have their own partners. In the history of the world of the sword and in the history of the personnel, the masculine presence can not be ignored. Therefore, a masculine knives style corresponding to him has also emerged.

It includes three types of knives corresponding to "pesca", "sashimi" and versatile "Sande". The series is designed from the perspective of male users, through the special design of the blade, so that each cut is made. There is a degenerate experience.

It symbolizes "cutting the old" and "opening the way to the future". That
It shows a completely different male gentleman's behavior and is worthy of men who love to cook. It's a perfect gift, and I'll be happy to receive it.

The Santoku knife is a versatile assistant in the kitchen, its easy handling is enough to deal with all occasions. The soft and clear sensations of the cutting tools of the city are fully appreciated.


  • The blade is made of three-layer steel (steel with high carbon content and molybdenum vanadium AUS8 and martensitic steel with low carbon content SUSA-1).
  • The handle is laminated.
  • The color of the grip wood will be slightly different.
  • Please avoid placing the knife in the water for a long time.
  • The Yamato Japanese Stainless Steel Santoku Knife, 7.2-in / 18.5-cm is made in Japan.

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