Gude Alpha Barrel Series Stainless Steel Bread Knife with Oak Handle, 12.5-Inch

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The production of the finest possible handcrafted, forged cutlery is and always has been the driving philosophy of our company. For four generations the Guede family has neither compromised on nor wavered from this credo. Today Gude is proud to continue the centuries old tradition of quality knifemaking for which the town of Solingen is justly world famous. 

Bread knife "Franz Gude" by Gude Alpha barrel oak with a blade length of 32 cm. The bread knife is one of the most important knives in the kitchen. But with the long serrated blade not only bread can be cut well. Even crusty roasts, pastries or large, hard fruits can be easily and evenly cut and sawn with the long blade of the bread knife.

For wine lovers a must: The knives of Gude Alpha-barrel oak series. Because in collaboration with star chef Harald Rüssler, the Solingen company combines its sharp blades with a very special touch.

Slit pieces are cut from the 8-meter-long bar (chrome, vanadium, molybdenum). The slits are heated up to about 1,050 °C. Then it is die-forged with 3-4 hammer blows (weight approx. 2.5 tons). This creates the forging. To soften the forging piece, it is annealed at 800 °C.


    • Made from a single piece of specially allowed Chrome-Vanadium-Moly cutlery steel.
    • Hand forged and passed through more than forty separate steps in the production provess before completion. Ice hardenes stainless steel; hand sharpened.
    • Not for the dishwasher.
    • The grip scales are crafted from seasoned oak taked from wine barrels each of which is over eighty years old. This rare oak wood is as indestructible as it is beautiful.
    • Alpha Barrel Bread Knife 12.5-Inch made in Germany, Solingen.

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