About Us

Welcome to KutItAll!


KutItAll is a specialty store that offers you only quality knives coming throughout the world. You will find unique pieces coming from places where knives are a way of life and in many cases a functional piece of art. A brief summary of origin of our knives is below:

-        Seki City; from ancient times this town has manufactured Samurai swords; it has carried over techniques to produce kitchen knives, brands such as Miyabi, Morinoki and Miyako among others are manufactured here

-        Tsubame; it’s a reference on today’s time for kitchen knives, brands such as Global and Tamahagane are manufactured here

-        Solingen; this town it’s the reference on Germany knives; all major German brand knives are manufactured here; very well recognized brands such as Wusthof, Zwilling and Guede belong to this city

Our team members are kitchen knives enthusiast, we have a top team that chooses which products are offered at KuItAll. We live and breathe everything and anything happening on the knife world and pride ourselves on being at the forefront of this industry.

We like to provide and experience of getting the best knife for you.

Join us to get the most value of the kitchen knife you need.